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03 Pluralismo

Part III. Pluralism:
Contemporary mixed-use- agglomeration, pedestrian scale   



Day 1:  Monday

1a  morning           

1992 Olympic Village (neighborhood)

front five blocks (private patios), Icaria, Bogetall east-west pedestrian street

Bohigas , Miralles Pinós, Tusquets, Paricio Clotet, Bach y Mora, Lapeña Torres

++ lunch++    22@ Poblenou

1b  afternoon         

rear three Ferrater blocks (public patios), Marina with Gehry Fish, Hotel Arts and Mapre Tower, Paseo Maritimo, Centro Biomedico (infrastructure)

Carlos Ferrater, Siza, SOM, Gehry, Miralles Tagliabue

 office visit: 9h15, Carlos Ferrater Arquitectos, Corsega 254, with Borja Ferrater


Day 2:  Tuesday

2a  morning           

9h00 Roca Barcelona, Borja Ferrater office

11h00 Ramble de Poblenou, 22@ high-tech mixed use, Biblioteca de Poblenou (interview seniors), Pedestrian axis from Parque de Gandhi through Ferrater and Bach y Mora blocks to supermarket patio, Mid-rise International Business Center on Pujades. (differentiate the grid)

++ lunch++    La Cantina, Palo Alto

2b  afternoon 

Studio Mariscal, office visit with his brother Santi, view film Rita except

Parc de Diagonal Mar  (neighborhood+arch)  Towers

Miralles, Ferrater, Paricio Clotet, Tusquets,  Mateo

Palo Alto + Selva de Mar neighborhood residential mixed-use, Waterfront as civic space  (industrial re-use, artista colony)

19h30 Manel Bailo, Sagrerra Centro de Urgencias Torre, Basico (DD) presentation with masterplanning explanation

ADD+ARQUITECTURA, artist Marisqual, Bach y Mora, Ferrater 

office visit: ADD+ARQUITECTURA, Manel Bailo and Rosa Rull, 19h00-19h30


Day 3:  Wednesday

4a  morning

Agglomeration: high tech mixed-use, 22@ Poblenou (neighborhood)

McDonough, Moneo, Bofill, Ferrater

++ lunch++    Trespaso

4b  afternoon 

Forum 2004 large event space, development edge for adjacent residential, + social, sanitary, energy, and recycling infrastructure

 H+dM, Foreign Office Architect, Elias Torres, Abalos+Herreros, Clotet Paricio, MAPS


Day 4:  Thursday


Igualada (the New Materiality of Modernism)

Miralles Pinós


optional, Day 5:  Friday


Montserrat (Organic naturealeza)

review individual urban desig thesis before trip and in transit


Architecture office visits:

Borja Ferrater, Santi Mariscal, Manel Bailo of AAD Arquitectura, Mari Buhigas of Barcelona Regional + 22@,


Time-based scenario diagrams (Novato Senior Housing Competition, Speranza Architecture)


Foot-Hills, Market Value International Competition, Charlottesville, VA, Speranza Architecture

Part III. Pluralism:
Contemporary mixed-use- agglomeration, pedestrian scale 


Day 1:  Tuesday

5a  morning      

9h15, Mateo Arquitectos, urban design, San Gervasi


22@ block, individual investigation, urban sketch

22@ Avenida del Diagonal- towers, Torre Agbar, Mediapro, commercial boulevard and catalan identity Jan 1º (commercial weave)  Parc de Poblenou, Can Ricard, Sky Hotel + surrounding neighborhood (public amenity and housing mix)

Nouvel, Chipperfield, Ferrater

++ lunch++    Gallego, Rambla de Poblenou

5b  afternoon 

Workshop and site visit

Link here for background, Facebook, and website.


Day 2:  Wednesday

6a  morning

22@ + Poblenou

Workshop and site visit

individual thesis documentation, revision via presentation (village + eixample + contemporary mixed-use recipe) 

++ lunch++    Trespaso en Poblenou / Palo Alto   13h00

6b  afternoon 




Day 3:  Thursday

22@ Workshop (TBD)

Day 4:  Friday

22@ Workshop (TBD)

Final presenation/urban intervention work time + site analsis

 Stan Allen Architects

Day 1:  Monday

22@ Workshop (TBD)

Final presenation/urban intervention work time + sythesis

 James Corner, Field Operations


Day2: Tuesday

22@ Workshop (TBD)

Final presenation/urban intervention work time + presentation

**dinner and final presenation**    Oli 4,  20h00 

with invited guests


Architecture office visits in neighborhood:

Mateo Arquitecture, Toyo Ito

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