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May 19, 2011

The following drawings could be started tonight with the idea of completing them by the end of tomorrow’s class (including time to further each persons weblog):

Analog– One diagram type (hand)- 3 spaces

Analog– District/Neighborhood/Urban Room- 3 spaces

Digital– One Diagram type- 3 neighborhood/districts

Digital– One Collage type- 3 Urban Rooms

review the weblog for examples that i have done and previous students (blogroll 2010).  Content should all places we have seen to date: Maritime Metropolis, including Girona

Thesis sentence: start this.  it may change.  What is emerging as an intersting investigation via other places studied in Barcelona, ie understanding local culture, values, and concerns.

3 + aspects (1-2 words each)  consider as “effect”

3 – aspects (1-2 words each)  consider as “effect”


Thumbnail plan/section diagrams (abstract) 3, as shown in class of primary roads in Girona, parallel to river, winding up the slope of the landscape

this will help us get methods underway + document your favorite parts of Maritime Metropolis…and get your gears working toward a site selection and interest in 22@

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