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The Art of the Long View + Digital

May 31, 2011

Please, before class tomorrow, ie, before the morning, read the Art of the Long View by Peter Schwartz.

It will be essential for our conversations of time and scenarios.

See you tomorrow.  If it is raining in the morning, please do the analog wrapup from today; the digital drawings of open space, residential, office, and institutional; and begin non planometric, qualitative drawings- ie, perspectival collages, material collages, section, unfolded elevations, etc.  Consider the drawings toward the middle/end of Part 3: Pluralismo.

Writing down a thesis sentence idea and positive and negative concerns may also be helpful during this analysis phase.  We will move on the Mapping existing flows through the site over time on Thursday.

Beginning to think about other media, video, sound, and material installations may also be helpful.  Consider public artist: Ned Kahn; Christo (Over the River); Janet Echelman; James Turrel; Maya Lin

Some of my drawings of Yosemite and the sound of waterfalls related to orientation and topography.

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