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Presentation 02: 22@Analysis, still Barcelona

June 2, 2011

Next week we will move on to synthesis of design work, thusly Tuesday’s presentation should firmly look to establish the focus of investigation through a concise definition.

To help provide an outline for your presentation you may use the following list of slides:

– Thesis paragraph with highlighted words: 1) concise yet complete question sentence touching on the definition of the site, the problem, and the effect to investigate; 2) cultural and identity that you will highlight and support; and 3) architectural strategy/ies that you will deploy to provide a structure/framework for the desired effects.  think about living/working in 22@.  use the 22@ website for information.  You may review the questions in the Field Book for guidance.

– Location plan

– Neighborhood plan

– Open space diagram (based on the actualized 22@ plan and your site research)

– Residential use (Habitatge)

– Office use (Activitats)

– Institutional use (Equipaments)

– Protected Buildings (Edificis industrials consolidats)

– Timeline collage/diagram: time callibration; plan; and texture

– 1-3 conceptual images- these should be worked / abstracted (possible video or proposed neighborhood website/weblog)

– perspectives / collages highlighting effects or areas of interest

– Site collage of site plan, thumbnail plan diagrams of ordering system, use, shadow, etc, perspectives, materials, and cultural symbols. name organizational systems/patterns.

– Comparative diagrams: selective a space/neighborhood in Barcelona of similar conditions

– Map existing patterns of use/inhabitation over the time/over time. (see 03 Pluralism time-based diagrams of scenarios over site, Charlottesville Foot-Hills design).

– Any other site video, elevations, materials cataloging, effect cataloging, site-section, and/or other media

* begin to look for/test/propose organizational systems / frameworks that support conditions of Context | Operation | Matter.

Please be ready at 10am at the apartment.

Thank you.  Be safe over the weekend.  Call me if you need anything.

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