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June 9, 2011

The following list is an ongoing set of drawings that will help you into your projects. You could be developing them autonomously from each other as a means of exploring each without overwhelming yourself with integrating them quite yet. They can be thought of as slides in your final review but will also be put together for generative drawings that include culture texture, plan, and time:

– 2-3 conceptual images (take ownership of image but these explore the EFFECT. Name these in a word).
– 2-3 contextual images (place. Title these)
– Scenarios: name 3-4; Specific name of EVENT (Tschumi) + time and date of year.
– Material research: show a sample of the raw material (you have no idea how many times this is missing from presentations!) The material should support your EFFECT. Show three conditions of the effect. Name them.
– Generative diagram: we each spoke about developing this. Cultural/material texture/effect + plan + time
– Plan diagram, hand drawn in ink: ordering system; effect locations; organizational system- bands, strips, islands, mats, pathways (see Points+Lines) you have multiple ones. (may be in watercolor) 30 second drawings. **SYNTHETIC!! Synthesize these, or some are embedded in site already
– Flows across site: water color or ink drawing. Map flows. (also taken from urban space collages)
– **Figure / Field of your neighborhood plan by midnight tonight**

You may have multiple ordering systems across the site at various scenario times. Draw these. What physical structure will support them all without being generic?

We can review these tomorrow individually after the Igualada trip. Please be ready to leave at 8:15am.

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